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Lawn Sprinkler System Winterization

The last step in yearly maintenance for your sprinkler system is winterization. Haluch’s Landscapes recommends this process to ensure your sprinkler system doesn’t get damaged during the winter. The process will take place after you’ve put away the outdoor furniture and you pull out your rakes. We start doing Winterization for lawn sprinkler systems in mid-September.

Winterization is necessary for lawn sprinkler systems in New England, as we often face harsh and cold winters. Taking the right precautions will prevent any future damage to your yard sprinkler system.

Haluch’s Landscapes’s reminders for Winterization:

  • We will send out a postcard in the beginning of September to remind you to shut off your water and controller by October 1st.
  • How to turn off your water: Find the master shut-off valve, which can be located in your basement, shed, or utility room. This will prevent water from collecting in the pipes.
  • Turn your controller or timer to the “OFF” position.
  • If you are unable to do any of these steps, please call our office and we will send out a professional to help.

The Winterization process includes blowing out all of the water lines, including backflow, valve manifolds, sprinkler system heads, and additional faucets to prevent freeze damage. Freezing temperatures can do a lot of damage to the pipes in your lawn sprinkler system if there is water still in the pipes. Winterizing the system will prevent costly repairs.

Lawn sprinkler systems are investments for years to come for your yard and keeping it water properly and cared for. New England winters can wreak havoc on exterior items, like sprinkler systems, so it’s important to care for it before the snow comes.

Looking to winterize your lawn sprinkler system? Call Haluch’s Landscapes at 413-566-2116 for more details! Sign up for sprinkler services and get your first year of winterization at 50% off!

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