Drip irrigation

Drip Irrigation System Installation

Haluch’s Landscapes offers drip irrigation system installation, which is also known as trickle irrigation or localized irrigation. Using drip irrigation in your garden is an efficient way to water because it not only saves you time but uses between 30%-50% less water than if you were to manually water your plants. Water is able to drip directly into the roots of plants so that no extra water is wasted and the water is able to be absorbed.

Benefits of drip irrigation systems:

  • Water is delivered directly into the root zone of the plant
  • Allows the space between plants to remain dry and reduce weeds
  • Prevent disease and death of the plants by minimizing contact with leaves and stems
  • Plants will grow quicker because they get the water they need and don’t face water stress (when there is less water supply, a “drought”)

Drip irrigation systems work great for those summer months when it can either rain a lot or a little, but with the hot summers we experience in New England, it can be difficult to keep up on watering your garden. By using an irrigation system, your plants will be able to get the right amount of water to grow quickly and plentiful.

Haluch’s Landscaping will work with you to create and install a drip irrigation system to fit your specifications and will fit all of your watering needs. With a drip irrigation system, you can water your vegetable garden or your entire landscape. If your yard has hills, drip emitters may have to be used to account for the varying pressure in the lines. We can help you create a successful system for any part of your yard, big or small.

If you are looking to add a drip irrigation system to your home garden, call Haluch’s Landscapes at 413-566-2116!

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Haluch’s Landscapes provides drip irrigation system installations to Western MA, including the towns of East Longmeadow, Springfield, Hampden, and Wilbraham, and parts of Northern CT, including Somers, CT.