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Yes. The lawn sprinkler system is designed with water conservation in mind and will use the right amount of water for your plants and landscape. You won’t have to worry about overwatering again. It will also decrease your water bill!
With an automatic sprinkler system, it is set on a schedule to water your landscape at the same time. It will also deliver the correct amount of water to allow your plants and landscape to thrive and grow to its potential.
The price can vary because of factors like landscape size, landscape style, what products are used, and any special designs. Haluch’s Landscapes will work with you to create an effective and affordable lawn sprinkler system for your home.
When we install your new lawn sprinkler system, we will do as little damage to your existing landscape as possible. It shouldn’t disrupt your life and we will try our best to make it a seamless installation.
There is a rain sensor on your lawn sprinkler system that will recognize the rain. It will shut down the system and also come back on after the rain passes. This prevents overwatering and wasting water.
A backflow device is important in lawn sprinkler systems because it prevents water from being flowed back into the drinking water supply. This is to prevent the water from becoming contaminated with whatever came from your landscape, including fertilizers and animal waste.
We ask you to shut your water and turn your controller OFF by October 1st. We start winterizing October 1st. Your sprinkler system will be winterized by the time the ground freezes!
We generally begin to start as soon as there is no more snow. You can expect it to be anywhere from mid-April to the end of May. Please call the office for an appointment as you need to be present for this appointment.
A drip irrigation system is an effective way to water your garden because the water drips directly into the roots of the plants so that no water is wasted and the plant is able to absorb the water. It can reduce the amount of weeds in your garden and allow your plants to grow bigger and quicker.
No. We will continue service on your property until you tell us otherwise. We will send you a renewal letter every January detailing your program and any recommendations for the upcoming year. This letter also gives you an opportunity to receive our pre-pay discount.
Generally, Jamie is in the office Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. You can always reach her by calling the office 413-566-2116 or you can e-mail her: jamie@haluchslandscapes.com